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We at Fizosh Designs are a family that loves gifting! We have big families and weddings and birthdays are all year round, excluding other celebrations! Gifting all year round, we have sort of become experts in gifting, LOL. And personalized gifts are always appreciated the most..

I, Shumaila Ashraf being a mother of 3 amazing girls, two being toddlers, I was exploring work from home ideas. Since we already understood and loved gifting, we  settled on the idea of creating a website around custom gifts.

And so FIZOSH DESIGNS was born! The name was a big challenge. We were creating a website around custom gifts, so the name had to be custom too! FIZOSH was created by combining my 3 daughters names. 

We have created this website with love for everyone who appreciates Custom Gifts. We hope you love and enjoy as much as we do!


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